Sittin' in the movie, not a drive-in, flashing on the tube a fictional rocker, like from a cookie cutter, great image onstage complete with guitar. Then came the record complete with echo chamber sounds. Love that guitar. Just like Elvis. Hate that ukelele. Flip side, there he is again. An album with three good songs. The rest is awkward & trite. The inconsistancy is amazing. Something he never quite overcame. The road to success is strewn with failure. When he was good he was very, very good and his confidence grew. His creative process finally matched his good taste and "Summertime Blues" was born. He repeated the process. The one that worked. "Come On Everybody," and again "Somethin' Else." This is what the Legend of Eddie is based on. His ability with songwriting and guitar playing. The Stray Cats look was largely based on Cochran, Vincent & Elvis.

Bill W. Fergusson III

Volume IV