Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup has been called "The Father of Rock and Roll," and indeed, his "Down Home" blues style was the forerunner to a musical revolution. By the time Rock and Roll was a commercial success, he was spent, though his recordings and compositions, such as THAT'S ALL RIGHT, MY BABY LEFT ME, MEAN OLD 'FRISCO BLUES, ROCKIN' MAMA, and SO GLAD YOU'RE MINE, stand as the foundation for the "new" rhythm music.

"Big" Joe Turner

"Big" Joe Turner was a "Jump-Blues" jazz singer from Kansas City in the '30s and '40s. The early '50s, however, provided him with a new career in the post-war Rhythm and Blues scene. His contributions during the developing years of Rock and Roll include: CHAINS OF LOVE, SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL, HONEY HUSH, FLIP FLOP AND FLY, CORRINE CORRINA, THE CHICKEN AND THE HAWK, FEELIN' HAPPY, MIDNIGHT CANNONBALL, and SWEET SIXTEEN.

Ray Charles

"The Genius" drew from all musical forms and funneled that experience, via his soul, on to the surface of more landmark recordings than we can name here: I GOT A WOMAN, HALLELUJAH I LOVE HER SO, DROWN IN MY OWN TEARS, ROCK HOUSE, LONELY AVENUE, THE NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME, WHAT'D I SAY, THIS LITTLE GIRL OF MINE, GEORGIA ON MY MIND, HIT THE ROAD JACK, RUBY, I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU, and BORN TO LOSE.

Fats Domino

Fats Domino started out playing around New Orleans for tips and went on to sell more than 65 million records. The music that he wrote and sang will stand as more than a cornerstone in the legacy of Rock and Roll: THE FAT MAN, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME, AIN'T THAT A SHAME, I'M IN LOVE AGAIN, MY BLUE HEAVEN, BLUEBERRY HILL, I'M WALKIN' SICK AND TIRED, I'M READY, I WANT YOU TO KNOW, and I'VE BEEN AROUND.

The Clovers

The Clovers, from Washington, D.C., were one of the most successful Rhythm and Blues acts of the early "Doo-Wop" period. Their "street-corner" harmonies won them many fans, awards and hit records, such as: ONE MINT JULEP, LOVE LOVE LOVE, I PLAYED THE FOOL, BLUE VELVET, LITTLE MAMA, and LOVE POTION #9.

Clyde McPhatter

Clyde McPhatter was a lead singer for the original Billy Ward and the Dominos, resulting in the classics: HAVE MERCY BABY, and THE BELLS. In 1953, he formed The Drifters and hence came MONEY HONEY, HONEY LOVE, WHITE CHRISTMAS, and SUCH A NIGHT, all heavily borrowed from a few years later as Rock and Roll took form. Finally, as a solo performer, Clyde gave us, in his lighter-than-air, gospel-influenced vocals: TREASURE OF LOVE, WITHOUT LOVE, JUST TO HOLD MY HAND, ROCK AND CRY, LOVERS QUESTION, LOVEY DOVEY, SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE, and LOVE PLEASE.

Bill Haley

Bill Haley set out to be the finest yodeller in the country, only to find himself and his group, the Comets, swept into the coming Rock and Roll phenomenon. Bill Haley and the Comets influenced this musical "fad" almost as much as it, in turn, influenced the group. Their CRAZY MAN CRAZY has often been called the first Rock and Roll record, and ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK is a legend. Also, there were SEE YOU LATER ALIGATOR, BURN THAT CANDLE, ROCK THIS JOINT, R.O.C.K., SAINTS ROCK AND ROLL, DIM DIM THE LIGHTS, SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL, and RUDY'S ROCK.

Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers rode to popularity on the crest of the first Rock and Roll wave with the self-penned WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE? Frankie was 13 and had a high, girlish-sounding voice that proved quite a hook for this fresh audience. After a good string of hits: I WANT YOU TO BE MY GIRL, PROMISE TO REMEMBER, A.B.C.'S OF LOVE, I'M NOT A JUVENILE DELINQUENT, Frankie left the Teenagers and hit with GOODY GOODY, PAPER CASTLES, OUT IN THE COLD AGAIN, A PORTABLE ON MY SHOULDER, and LITTLE BITTY PRETTY ONE.

Little Richard

Little Richard showed his peers and the world that "hard rockin'" music was his repertoire, including many original compositions which became the standard, solid foundation from which Rock and Roll was launched: TUTTI FRUTTI, LONG TALL SALLY, SLIPPIN' AND SLIDIN', RIP IT UP, READY TEDDY, LUCILLE, SEND ME SOME LOVIN', JENNY JENNY, KEEP A KNOCKIN' and GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, by far the most dramatic figure in Rock and Roll, pulled it all together at precisely the right time and a revolution, without end, was born. Though strictly a performer, his presence influenced most of what followed in Rock and Roll: THAT'S ALL RIGHT, GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT, BABY LET'S PLAY HOUSE, MYSTERY TRAIN, HEARTBREAK HOTEL, MY BABY LEFT ME, HOUND DOG, DON'T BE CRUEL, ALL SHOOK UP, JAILHOUSE ROCK, TREAT ME NICE, ONE NIGHT and A BIG HUNK OF LOVE.

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