Johnny Burnette

Johnny Burnette had three successful careers in Rock and Roll▒with his brother, Dorsey, and Paul Burlison he formed the Rock and Roll Trio, and made some good 'n' raunchy rockabilly records like THE TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN', OH BABY BABE, TEAR IT UP and HONEY HUSH. As composers, he and Dorsey wrote several songs for Rick Nelson, including BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY, WAITIN' IN SCHOOL, IT'S LATE, and JUST A LITTLE TOO MUCH. His greatest fame, however, came as a solo performer in the teen-idol style, recording for Liberty Records such hits as DREAMIN', SETTIN' THE WOODS ON FIRE, CINCINATTI FIREBALL, YOU'RE SIXTEEN, LITTLE BOY SAD, BIG BIG WORLD, and GOD, COUNTRY AND MY BABY.

Roy Orbison

Orbison's songs attracted many of the early Rock and Roll performers such as Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the Everly Brothers. Nashville claims Orbison as a country singer, but he had a lot of the mood of early Rock and Roll. He was one of the puzzling few country singers to make it in Rock and Roll after Elvis, with such songs as: ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM, BLUE BAYOU, PRETTY WOMAN, ONLY THE LONELY, CANDY MAN, I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU, and CRYING.

Brenda Lee

There have always been cute, young, pre-pubescent girls in country music, astounding everyone with their talent and confidence. Brenda Lee was one of these. She was only a little girl but she made seventy-four singles. Her record, I'M SORRY, was number one for three weeks in 1960, and it took Elvis and the Twist to push it off the top. Other hits were: I WANT TO BE WANTED, YOU CAN DEPEND ON ME, EMOTIONS, FOOL NUMBER ONE, and DUM DUM.

Pat Boone

Pat Boone started his career as an Ivy League family man who recorded successful cover versions of Rythm and Blues records such as TUTTI FRUTTI and AT MY FRONT DOOR, though he found greater success with material that more suited his calm, smooth delivery: DON'T FORBID ME, WHY BABY WHY, LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND, APRIL LOVE, WONDERFUL TIME UP THERE, SUGAR MOON, IF DREAMS CAME TRUE, MOODY RIVER and SPEEDY GONZALES.

LaVerne Baker

LaVerne Baker was one of the leading female Rhythm and Blues vocalists of the '50s. Her initial release, TWEEDLE-DEE, shot up the Blues charts, and was followed by such steady sellers as DANCE WITH ME HENRY, JIM DANDY, I CRIED A TEAR, BUMBLE BEE, and I WAITED TOO LONG.

Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price wrote and sang some of the bounciest songs of the '50s. His LAWDY MISS CLAWDY became a classic which has been done by every Rock and Roll singer worth his salt, including Elvis. Price toured all over the world, taking with him the sound that was later to form the basis for much of the Rock and Roll that sprang up in other countries. Other songs include: STAGGER LEE, JUST BECAUSE, WHERE WERE YOU ON OUR WEDDING DAY?, and PERSONALITY.

Dale Hawkins

Out of the scores of rockabilly artists that followed the musical path that Elvis originally blazed, there were only a few that reached national fame. Dale Hawkins was one that managed to deliver something unique in songs like SUSIE Q and BEFORE THE PARTY WAS OVER. He managed what was probably the definitive version of the classic, MY BABE. A few other minor hits followed, but SUSIE Q stands as his outstanding contribution to the cause.

Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent, another country performer turned Rock and Roller, began his career only months after Elvis. He was the embodiment of the leather- and-motorcycle movement immortalized by Marlon Brando and James Dean, in a time when the idea of a man singing in a leather jacket rather than a tuxedo was wildly exciting and slightly erotic. Teenagers saw him a a symbol of their struggle for an identity of their own. Among Vincent's hits were BE-BOP-A-LULA and LOTTA LOVIN'.

Everly Brothers

Traditional Country and Western music originating in the hills and backwoods of Tennessee and Kentucky▒this was the heritage and approach to Rock and Roll that the Everly Brothers took. Their harmony is straight out of the Country and Western tradition, and like Elvis, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis, they easily straddled the two worlds of Country and Rock and Roll. They were one of the few original Rock and Roll acts to survive the English invasion and the psychadelic era. Among their many hits are songs such as ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM, BYE BYE LOVE, WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE, and DEVOTED TO YOU.

Tommy Sands

Tommy Sands started as a genuine Country and Western performer. In his early teens he was a successful artist while under the management of Col. Tom Parker. He played Rock and Roll with a true rockabilly feel. He was literally an overnight sensation after starring in ¬The Singin' Idol,║ the first TV drama on the subject of Rock and Roll. Sands put out four albums of Popular music with as fine an interpretation of Tin Pan Alley as can be found anywhere. He also wrote some of his own songs. His singles, though consistently good, were not great until he put together his own backup group, first The Raiders and then The Sharks. The Sharks were one of the best Rock and Roll bands ever assembled. The high point of Sands' career was his eleventh Capitol record, I AIN'T GETTIN' RID OF YOU.


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