Gallery of Images
Peripheral vision is sensitive to movement, responds to changes in color or light. Visible elements are received as, for instance, lines of text, in context only. Not in fine focus as the letters of individual words, but conveying meaning by the irresistible urge to turn one's attention to the source of the stimulation.

In bright light the iris of a cat is reduced to a vertical slit, providing the widest area of peripheral vision across the horizontal plane. With it's eyelids nearly closed in half sleep, only slight activity is necessary to stir the feline from repose.

The images that follow are black and white. They have been idealized for net viewing, but the 40-80 kb scale will challenge those with less than ideal facilities. Be patient.

Leaves and Grass (156 kb)
Pubs (48 kb)
Rocks (79 kb)
Streambeds (138 kb)
Trees (40 kb)
Odds and Ends (206 kb)

James Fergusson